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Commission Info

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STEP 1: Tell me your idea
About the commission process, to start, let's chat about your commission idea together! It can be any character, real person, celebrity, oc, family member or even pet. Contact via email or social media.
Here is the fun part, we discuss all your ideas for the piece, is there a particular scene you have in mind? Would you love to see a particular costume, outfit or hair with your chosen character? Would you like to see them doing something specific or interacting with another character? Is there a mood, feel or dynamic between character's you'd like represented? Should there be any props, objects, or particular background, environments or landscapes involved? You can provide as much detail or as little as you like for the brief! Happy to take creative liberty on any or all aspects to give you the piece I feel best captures your commission idea, and get inspired to bring you something unique. Whether you have something very specific in mind, to wanting to give complete freedom, or anything in between I'm excited to work on it!

STEP 2: Pricing
Choose a 'Detail Type' from the price guide info graphic above, if needed I can create a custom price for you in between these options to suit your needs and budget.

STEP 3: Payment
Once the brief for the art is settled and the price confirmed, you an choose from the following payment plans:

  • Full payment upfront
  • First half payment upfront, second half payment at the halfway point of me completing the art. (For Semi Detail, High Detail and Full Detail only)
  • Payments in installments, custom. Can be quarters, any portions that suit your budget, portions also do not have to be even amounts, or over even spaces of time, happy to be flexible and make it work. (For Semi Detail, High Detail and Full Detail only)
Once you make your first payment, via PayPal or bank transfer within Australia, then your order is confirmed and I can start creating the art for you.

STEP 4: Working on the art 
Researching, planning, sketching, composition, and starting to paint. In the early stages you're free to add anything you'd like me to keep in mind or include in the piece you may have forgotten to mention in our first discussion, that's fine! I may update you on my direction I've chosen to take the piece as it takes shape in the early stages. As I approach the halfway point of the art you will make your second payment if using a half-half payment plan, then we move onto feedback. 

STEP 5: Your feedback, changes and adjustments
Here I show you a sample of the work in progress to get your opinion. Here you can suggest any changes, things you'd like to see differently or have anything altered. I'll then make these changes and move forward with the piece.

STEP 6:  Proposed final and last changes
I'll show you a sample of what I'm proposing as the finished art for another round of your feedback. If you'd like anything changed again I'll implement the changes and show you another proposed final for your approval, and the piece is done!

STEP 7: File delivery and Print options
If you would like to have a print made in any of our print size options (Postcard, A3, A2, Canvas A2) you can make an additional payment for the cost of the print + shipping.
For no extra charge regardless of choosing a print option you will receive your finished art as a high resolution lossless image .png file for your own personal use, as well as a resized version suitable for use online and on social media. If sharing on social media you must include artist credit as 'Art by' and a link to and/or a tag to my account on that social media platform, thank you!

Please note the Terms and Conditions, commissioned works are also subject to the Terms outlined on the Terms and Conditions page.


Ownership of Artwork. I, Guzzardi Art, the artist, solely has copyright and ownership of all images and artworks. Note that the purchase of a print or commission of any custom artwork does not grant ownership or rights to the buyer over any image or Artwork. The Artist is, and will remain, the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest, throughout the world, to all Artwork and any copies of the Artwork. Solely the artist has the right to use the image, produced under commission circumstances or otherwise for print, commercial purposes, promotion, to make profit off and to resell.

For Commercial use the artist must be contacted to form an agreement and contract. Separate arrangements must be made and confirmed with a signed contract. Including but not limited to the situation that I would give consent to use the artwork in a commercial setting, or sell ownership of the image for a fee.


With written permission only, it is permitted to use my images for personal situations such as your avatar, profile picture, or icon, but only if there is a clear way to directly credit me as the artist and owner of the work. Please credit the image with “Art by Guzzardi Art” in the caption/description. Where my url is written it must be linked to clickthrough where applicable. If on social media my account must be @, tagged or linked. If there is no way to credit me for the image then you do not have permission to use the image.

If you have any questions about commissions at all or just want to brainstorm ideas with me please don't hesitate to reach out via email or social media! Thank you!